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Butterfly -- Semester [Aug. 28th, 2007|05:05 pm]
Rowan Tree


Butterfly's Outline for the Semester
-- Visit -- http://highschoolace.com
Question of the Day
Daily News Quiz
SAT Prep Question
Word of the Day

-- Read -- assigned books ---

-- Math as given by Brian

Weekly Chapters/Assignments

-- Criminal Sciences/Detective Studies (???)

-- Social Studies -- Street Law Text (Write/Type Responses to questions in book & Research where needed)

-- Head First HTML w/CSS & XHTML (on going online proof)

-- Work on Long Term Writing Assignments

Long Term Due December 1st 2007

Biography (any other suggestions for her to pick from?)

Pick someone to write a bio about.

Alice Stebbins Wells
Isadora Duncan
Victoria Woodhull
Amelia Earhart
Dr. Sally K. Ride
Nancy Pelosi

Essay Topics:

Pick or come up with a topic: (any other suggestions for her to pick from?)

Why is it important to have women police officers?
Where do you see yourself, career wise, in 10 years from now?
Name your favorite city and give detailed reasons why you like this city most.
Human rights

Both must include a Bibliography

http://www.sciencebuddies.org/mentoring/project_bibliography_worksheet.pdf (print and use to keep track of information)