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The War of The Worlds [May. 6th, 2008|03:21 pm]
Rowan Tree


War of the worlds

In the beginning it was a book of curiosity and wonder, but it changed it to a book of fear and suffering, and the terror of all you knew being lost and destroyed. Think what you would do in that predicament? Then a light of hope shone out and you could think again and think not of death but of a new beginning what joy would you have and still the sight all you knew being burnt and broken. Would not sadness fill you? The calamity of all things you once held dear, being lost, only to find that you feared in vain and the joy you might feel at knowing you were not the only survivor of a calamity so great. This is my take on The War of The Worlds by H.G. Wells.

If you've read The War of The Worlds what do you make of it?

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