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Lessons - Mostly Rambling - Rowan Tree [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Rowan Tree

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Lessons - Mostly Rambling [Aug. 20th, 2007|01:59 pm]
Rowan Tree


So this week is starting lessons on a very mild level. Meaning we aren't doing everything..

Duckling wants to study Shakespeare... I'm not sure, I've got a few books with his Plays quoted maybe we'll read through that if she stays interested and an elementary level biography on the bard that we can read together and play with. Today she figured out that he was born 443 years ago. We also found out that Butterfly is excellent at explaining some of the quotes to her.

Did you know that Hamlet was an emo boy? There was a very lively conversation about this between Duckling, Miss Chiff and Butterfly along with the fact that he was just seeing things.

I wonder if Butterfly would be willing to do this with the girls. Miss Chiff said she wasn't interested but she was just as active as Duckling and her eyes where sparkling, so I think I should expect her to join in if Duckling stays interested.

Most of Ducklings stuff hasn't shown up yet, she's getting a set of books that is K1 in 30 minutes a day, plus reading. In the mean time we'll work on numbers & math, following directions, Finding hidden objects, handwriting, Word Play, Online games and of course coloring and art. She wants the same calender Miss Chiff has for Stickers to mark good days from not good days on lessons.

I think they want to take them to Thats_ms_dragon at the end of each month so she can see. It'll be up to her if she rewards them, or other wise. It does give them insistive to do the work.

Miss Chiff's is a bit different this year. She's got about 30-45 minutes of 5-10minutes each cards/assignments which cover most subjects 5 days a week. Two days a week she has History/Science. It'll be her choice if she wants to do some each day or one one day and the other the other day. In science she'll be building the body parts, mini-books, mobiles, etc. In History she's going to be reading Choose Your own adventure Through US History books. One day of the week is marked off for Park/Art/Music. Two days a week she's got Extra Math & Language Skills. Most of the work will be done Tuesday & Wednesday, just because of how the schedules fall together, but there is nothing that says we can't flip Thursday to Tuesday or Wednesday to do free days places and such. Monday & Fridays need to stay pretty well set since the middle girls have Gym Mid Afternoon.

Butterfly needs to figure out her schedule, I know more Algebra, I'd like to see Writing, She wants to study Law (anyone got good books she can borrow?). She's got Classes Monday & Wed 7-8:30pm, and Sat from 9-12. She's hoping to find something that she can earn about $40 a week doing.

Tiger Boy, some how I need to get him writing, even if it's all typing. He's asked to do Biology, He's going to be working his way through some of Shakespeare works. He's got similar 30-45minute 5 - 10 minute lesson cards meant for Middle School Ages. He's ready to start the Pre-Algbra video lessons, as I think that'll be better than fighting him with a Text book. If you have time and great amount of patients and want to volunteer to work with him on written math let me know.

Ladybug will have her speech therapy and lots of play. Hopefully regular play dates with a couple other little people around her age too.

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